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About me:

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I sell a mix of digital products, paintings, and dollhouse miniatures. I think it all started when I was a child. Kinda funny. I used to draw in second grade, I would get caught and get in trouble for it. I loved drawing but put it away after second grade. I also remember making a shoe box with a deep sea themed aquarium 3D. The lid was taken off and the box turned on its side so the top would be the glass looking into the sea. The top had saran wrap over it as it was supposed to be the glass. Looking into the box were fish hanging as if they were swimming. There were stones at the bottom along with coral and sea grass. I was really fascinated with that shoe box and never forgot it. I guess that is where my love of my little boxed miniatures come into play. I really enjoy making things in 3D.

I grew up on a farm with 6 siblings. My mother taught me how to sew at an early age and it sure has helped along the way in my life. In my 20's and 30's I used to sew many things for my home and a few craft shows here and there. While growing up, my sisters and I had many barbies, dolls and I had a dollhouse. Our first house was made into rooms with encyclopedias..lol. I guess mom decided we really needed a dollhouse for all of our barbies. This is when I learned to make little things for my dolls. Hence, miniatures are brought to life in my head. I kept that wooden dollhouse until my daughter was around 11 and she was kind of tired of playing with dolls. I made many things for her dollhouse and now she is grown in her mid 30's with a baby of her own. Unfortunately, she has no interest in sewing or making things. But she does enjoy having things passed down to her.

Fast forward to my mid forties. I worked part-time and had more time for crafting. I wanted to start scrapbooking and came across digital scrapbooking online. I was hooked. Thus, began my digital designs. I taught myself Photoshop and continue to use it everyday. I started back at drawing yet I did not how to paint in any medium. I had always wanted to learn how. As time has progressed since my 40's I have taught myself to draw even better and taught myself how to paint. I don't feel I am an expert at it but at least you can tell what the subject is..lol

Now I'm into my late 50's. For my 50th birthday I was given at dollhouse by my husband. I had to build it and paint it. Then I needed furniture. Well, I went shopping for new pieces and after seeing some of them I knew I could make my own. I then furnished my dollhouse with many of my handmade pieces. At that time is when I came up with the idea of framing my paintings as miniatures for my dollhouse. I had so many framed prints as I was painting all the time trying to improve my art. I decided to start selling them. I had experience selling digital designs online before and I knew how to create a website and design. So why not and I did it. I have also learned to create many types of miniatures as well.

I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolors. I love oils the most. However, they take forever to dry. My second love is watercolors. They are amazing to paint with and you can take them anywhere with you. Especially if you travel. I am self-taught in drawing, painting, making miniatures, along with many other types of crafts that I have created over the years. I typically spend 14-18 hrs a day creating, painting and managing my shops. I hope you enjoy what I create as it is a labor of love.

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